Top Class Conservatories


Conservatory roofs come in many different designs and two main materials - glass and polycarbonate. The type of material and design will affect the cost of your conservatory. Our fully trained representatives will be able to answer any questions you have regarding the type of roof that would be best suited to your individual needs. Whether you are spending £3,000 or £30,000 you can rest assured that Top Class Conservatories will have all the answers.

Glass roofing

There are various types of glass roof from self-cleaning to solar reflective glass. These are also excellent for thermal insulation and sound reduction, for example, noise that would be transmitted through a heavy rainfall. Self-cleaning glass can also reduce the glare of the sun.

Our trained representatives will be happy to elaborate. 


Polycarbonate is a cost effective alternative to glass and is available in a range of options and colours to meet your personal requirements, and suit your exterior frames. Choose from clear, opal, bronze or bronze/opal polycarbonate. The individual colour options have different properties for controlling heat/glare. Our representatives  will be happy to advise you on the option best suited to your requirements.